Lauren Lettow


Where are you from and where did you grow up?

I moved around bit growing up, starting with my birth in Orlando, FL. We moved from Orlando to Atlanta, Atlanta to Birmingham, Birmingham to Oklahoma, and back to Birmingham. All that to say—I ultimately claim B’ham as my homeland!

What brought you to Auburn and what do you do here outside of True40?

I came to Auburn to get [THE BEST] college education. Outside of True40 you can find me spending time with loved ones, attempting to control my shopping addiction, and loving on my dog, Josie.

How do you love your body and stay true to you?

I do this by listening to what my body needs for the day, and going and getting that, whether that be getting outdoors, getting my booty to True40 ;), or taking some time to stop and rest. This is something I am learning to be better at. Also – DESSERT.

Why is fitness important to you?

Fitness is important to me because it keeps me physically, mentally and spiritually sound. Fitness keeps me feeling centered in my heart, mind, and body.

Why would you tell someone to try True40?

I would tell them what a gift True40 has been to me, starting with when I became a member long before I even dreamt I would instruct there. I would tell them it is a safe, inviting, encouraging atmosphere that will push your body in the right ways to strengthen and transform your physique, while protecting it as well. I would tell them that joining True40 is joining a community of strong, empowering men and women.

What are you deathly afraid of?

Cockroaches. They move too fast and they know too much.

If you were stuck on a deserted island, what 3 things would you bring?

I would bring my Bible, my dog Josie aaaaand… Bear Grylls.