kate hardman

So tell us about Kate Hardman.

I’m a nursing student at Auburn University, but doing my preceptorship in Birmingham at Children’s Hospital. I’m originally from the Magic City but my parents recently moved to Houston, Texas. I have two older brothers, one in Birmingham and the other in Mississippi. I grew up training in all kinds of dance including classical ballet, modern, jazz, hip-hop and tap. I love being active, so after I stopped dancing I got into CrossFit, running and other kinds of barre classes before finding True40! When I’m not studying or involved in things at school I love to spend time with friends, cooking, baking, traveling, going on long runs and doing anything adventurous.

We are thrilled to have you on our team and love your passion for fitness! Do you have any great advice to share with us?

My dad has told me to, “Be like a cow, outstanding in its field,” since before I can remember. It sounds so simple and a little cheesy, but it helps me to remember to do what I love to do, what I am called to do, and with the absolute best of my ability. Everyone is called to different stories and given different gifts and talents, so be confident in what you’ve been given and be the best you can be at it!

You are so right! It’s important to walk in your calling and give your all to it – which fits right in with our True40 mission. Speaking of, how do you love your body well and stay true to you?

I love to stay active and eat clean about 85% of the time, which makes me feel energetic and healthy. On the other hand, in a world of comparison, wanting to work out and eat clean just to be “skinny” can be difficult. I keep my eyes on my true identity in Christ, making sure my working out and eating clean comes from a mindset of honoring my body and wanting to feel good. Keeping my motivation towards the One who created me and enjoying the things in life that He gave us to enjoy is how I honor my body and stay true to me!

We wish we could be more like you! What a great mindset. What can your friends always rely on you to have with you?

A positive attitude and gum.

You would rather die than eat…. what?

Nothing. I would have a really hard time living without eating. I am quite the foodie so I would try just about anything!

We like to eat too! What do most people not know about you?

I used to own a pet snake!

Whoa! Good for you. So, clearly snakes don’t scare you, but what does?

Making the wrong decision.

Making the right decision can be tough sometimes! Last thing – who would play you in a movie of your life?

I would LOVE for Anne Hathaway to play me.