jessica brown

Jessica, we are so excited to have you on our childcare team! Would you mind telling us a little about yourself and what brought you to Birmingham?

I grew up in Madison, Alabama. I attended Auburn and graduated from its nursing school in 2013. I knew I wanted to stay close to home once I graduated from college, but I also wanted to work for a large hospital. Birmingham was the perfect fit.  It also helped that my boyfriend, now husband, was moving here for a job as well!  We met when we were both at Auburn.  Once I graduated, I took a job with Children’s Hospital of Alabama, working on the cardiovascular intensive care unit for 3 years.  I’m currently a full-time graduate student at Samford University, studying nurse anesthesia.  When I’m not studying, I love to be outside! My favorite hobby, that I don’t get to do enough of, is ride horses.

Being a nurse must be an incredibly rewarding profession to be in. Can you share with us the best advice that you’ve ever gotten?

If there is a goal you want in life, you have to be willing to work hard to achieve it. I am a true believer of hard work in every aspect of your life; whether it’s your spiritual life, marriage, job, etc.

Agreed! So much truth in that. How do you honor your body and stay true to you?

I have to recognize when I am stressed and take steps to reduce it, either with quiet time, prayer, long walks or just being outside.

That’s great, and very important. Tell us- where would we find you at 7:00am?

Most likely snoozing my alarm clock!

Hey, we can’t blame you. What do you usually bring with you when you travel?

A lot of snacks.

You can never have too many. Final questions: you would rather die than eat ….. what?

A runny egg.