Exercises to do if You Sit All Day

Do you have a 9-5 job that puts you in a chair all day? Have you just had a newborn baby and feel like you never leave the house? It is important to make time in the day to exercise, but sometimes you have those days that seem to slip away from you.  Here are 10 exercises you can do anywhere after a long day of sitting. 

1.    Tabletop Press: Strengthens Core


2.    Lunges: Strengthens quads and glutes


3.    Squats: Strengthens Glutes


4.    Push-ups: Strengthens arms and back


5.    Mountain Climbers: All-over toning


6. Jumping Jacks: Cardio


7.    Plank: Strengthens Core


8.    High Knees: Cardio


9.    Tricep Dips: Strengthens your arms


10.    STRETCH: Relaxes muscles and mind


One of the most crucial exercises most people forget to incorporate into their day is stretching. There are so many benefits to this exercise such as:

o  Improved posture

o  Calming the mind

o  Stress relief

o  Increases blood flow to the muscles

o  Improves your range of motion

o  Helps reduce back pain

o  Improves your overall mood and provides clarity

We are all busy people with jobs and families that consumer most of the time in our days, but that is not an excuse for not taking care of your body and mind. It is important to carve out time during your week for cardio and weight training, but on the days that are long and exhausting, these exercises are the perfect solution to do in the morning or at night. These couple of simple exercises can help improve your flexibility, muscle tone and strength despite having to sit down for most of your day.