Essential Fitness Accessories and Instructor Workout Attire Favorites

In recent years, the rise of people becoming more health conscious has resulted in an increase in helpful, effective fitness accessories and functional, cute athletic clothing (PTL!!). So we’ve put together a list of essential fitness accessories that you may have never known you needed! We’ve also asked a few of our True40 fitness instructors to share with you the workout attire they can’t live without.



Essential Fitness Accessories


  • Apple Watch or Fitbit - Fitness bands are essential for tracking your fitness progress. There are different kinds to choose from, but overall their features include: heart rate monitoring, sleep statistics, step tracking, calorie counting, etc. 
  • Toe socks - In the True40 studio, we wear toe socks to not only keep things sanitary, but also to create comfort, protection and support for our feet during the class. 
  • Earphones - There's nothing more frustrating than the wire from earphones interfering with a workout. Try these cordless earphones that minimize the interference, have Bluetooth capability and fit securely-

  • Phone Arm Band - Keep your hands free or your phone from bouncing in your pocket with an arm band that holds your phone while you workout.

  • Foam Roller - A foam roller is ideal for post-workout recovery and future workout performance. 
  • Hair tie - Keep your hair out of your face and prevent any ponytail creases and hair damage with coiled hair ties. The True40 studios have an array of colors to choose from. 


  • Glass Water Bottle - Swap out your plastic bottles for a glass bottle. Glass water bottles don't contain chemicals, less likely to hold odors and easier to clean than plastic ones. 
  • Dry Shampoo - Dry shampoo is always to the rescue for post-workout when you don't have time to go home and shower. It not only reduces oiliness but gives you volume as well. 

Favorite Workout Attire from Our Instructors



Molly Swanson, Birmingham - Cahaba Heights Studio Instructor

"I seriously love wearing Lululemon's tie tank. It's so simple yet so cute, and I want one in every color. I also recommend the DIY stirrup legging. They're flattering and functional."

DIY Stirrup Legging:

Lululemon It's a Tie Tank:



Lauren Lettow, Birmingham - Cahaba Heights Studio Instructor

"My favorite workout items are probably my lululemon align leggings - they feel like literal butter. Amazing. Second is my goodhyouman high neck sports bras! Also butter, haha. I like all my workout gear to be soft and comfy, yet still firm enough to exercise in, and both meet those needs."

Lululemon Align Leggings:

Goodhyouman High Neck Sports Bras:

Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 1.59.48 PM.png

Kaitlyn Bentley, Downtown Birmingham Studio Owner

"I LOVE Athleta's leggings. They have fun patterns like tye dye, and I'm all about a patterned pant. Their material moves with you but also holds you in which is so nice. I love lululemon's knot trend right now. I've bought several shirts from them recently that tie in the back or front, and I love them! It allows for a little more coverage when you're not exercising, and then you can keep it in place during class."

Athleta Leggings:

Lululemon It's A Tie Tank: