Bring your Belly to the Barre - Kristin Taylor


Are you expecting or have a friend who is? Kristin Taylor, our Auburn studio manager and instructor, discusses how True40 classes changed her pregnancy. 


Fitness has always been an important part of my life. When I found out I was pregnant in November 2015, I was concerned this would bring a screeching halt to my exercise routine. Even though I majored in Exercise Science, I had no knowledge of how to work out while pregnant (except for that one scene in Father of the Bride 2 where Frank is working out with the mommas “with attitude”) or whether it was even possible, and all I could think about was losing the weight post-baby.

Allie found me at the start of my pregnancy, and pitched her idea for opening a fitness studio in Auburn. I was thrilled because I had always been interested in working in fitness, but was nervous she wouldn’t want to hire a pregnant instructor for her studio right away. God must have given her some crazy faith because she didn’t even blink when I told her I was pregnant.  

True40’s low-impact nature and focus on core strength were truly ideal during my pregnancy.  I love that multiple modifications are given to cater the workout to each individual body.  I was able to teach True40 classes up to 38 weeks pregnant and also took a class on my due date with no complications! Believe it not, I could actually still feel and see my ab muscles through my baby belly! When the time came for labor and delivery, I only had to push for EIGHT MINUTES (largely due to increased core and pelvic floor strength) and had no complications postpartum. I was cleared to jump in and start teaching and taking classes eight weeks after my baby girl, Charlotte, was born. Sometimes I think that I had more energy while I was pregnant than I do now chasing my one-year-old around!  



  • Strengthened my core
  • Improved my posture while decreasing low back pain
  • Increased pelvic floor strength (obviously - baby girl came out in eight minutes!!)
  • Helped me sleep better
  • Lessened muscle fatigue and pain as pregnancy progressed through strength-building and stretching in classes
  • Gave me more energy
  • Relieved pressure in my hips and sciatic nerve because my abs were holding everything up higher
  • Helped prevent diastasis recti (I never had any core issues and honestly believe True40 is the reason) 
  • Helped me lose my baby weight quickly 
  • Gave me the ability to feel safe and comfortable working out using the modifications True40 classes offer (I never felt like I had to sit out and could always challenge myself)
  • Educated me on the benefits of low-impact exercise 

There are also benefits for babies during pre-natal exercise.  Research made by Dr. James F. Clapp, one of the leading researchers in prenatal fitness, found these results in a study he conducted:

  • Improved growth and development in babies after birth from exercising mothers 
  • Increased blood volumes from better placental growth in babies born to exercising mothers
  • Enhanced fetal heart rate variability
  • Babies tolerate the stresses of late pregnancy, labor and delivery better

To any mothers or pregnant women out there reading this, I encourage you to find a core strengthening routine that fits into your lifestyle, or stop by True40 for an encouraging and uplifting class!  Always check with your doctor before you try any exercise, both prenatal and postnatal.  Finally, remember to give yourself grace and to stay true to you! Pregnancy is an amazing and powerful thing that women get to experience and I am proud of every mark on my body I earned from it! 


For more information on guidelines for prenatal fitness, visit:


*We recommend talking with your doctor before starting physical activity*