Father's Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and if you’re like us, we are always looking for what to buy dad… Dad’s are always the hardest to buy for because they don’t want anything or they buy it for themselves. So we have come up with a short list of some things we have bought our dad’s or are headed out right now to buy for them! Let us know your ideas too!


  1. Grill things - If he is the ultimate grill master, he always needs the newest thing. If he isn’t the best griller out there, maybe encourage him with a grilling recipe book or new tools to help him get even better!!

  2. Wallet - He uses a wallet everyday and eventually it will get worn out. Maybe take him shopping and let him pick it out so you can spend quality time with him while letting him pick out exactly what he wants!

  3. Travel coffee mug - For the coffee lover, a new travel mug will be great for him to carry his morning fuel in.

  4. Family photos - Printed photos are so special and can be put in his office, car, or garage and will be cherished by your dad forever!

  5. Watch - Every guy loves to have a watch (or multiple) for all different occasions. Our marketing coordinator, Caitlin, buys her dad a different watch every year for Father’s Day because after one year he usually needs a new one!

  6. Sports tickets - What guy doesn’t watch some sort of sport? Whether it’s football, basketball, baseball, racing, fishing, or cricket, spend some quality time with dad and take them to a sporting event and make some memories!

  7. Workout clothes - A MUST for the ultimate fitness man.

  8. House slippers - Anything from fuzzy socks to camo Crocs! All men need some shoes to throw on while they are hanging around the house.

  9. A day out with family - fishing, picnic, dinner, etc.

  10. Wash his car- Even if you don’t get it as shiny and clean as he would have, your dad will love driving his car around knowing that you washed it for him.

  11. Handmade grilling plate - While your dad is grilling his famous burgers or chicken, how great would it be for him to have a plate with the kiddo’s hand prints?! Not only is this gift incredibly sweet, it’s a fun activity with the kids!

  12. Tennis shoes - Get your dad some new shoes that he can run, hike, or do yard work in! If you’re not sure what type or size he will like best, take him out to the store and let him pick some out.

  13. Handmade card from the kids - Nothing shows your love for dad like a sweet handmade card!

  14. Cut the grass for him/do his chores- Show your dad how much you appreciate the work he does by returning the favor.

  15. Bring him to a True40 class!