Favorite Spotify Playlists

Ever wonder what your True40 Instructors listen to when we aren’t teaching? We have gathered some of our favorite playlists to share with you!

Whenever you’re traveling, studying, waiting in the carpool line, or just cooking dinner, you always need some good music playing! And if you’re like us, sometimes you’re looking for something to spice up your music life! Well, we have the playlists for you!

Need to stay awake during a car ride? Listen to one of Molly’s own playlists, “car rides!”



Having a girls night and want to have a chill night listening to some new music? Listen to the Spotify’s “Fresh and Chill” playlist!



Need something new for your Friday commute? Check our Spotify’s own “New Music Friday” playlist to hear what is just hitting the radio!



Need a good time to be by yourself and listen to some worship music? Listen to Spotify’s “Praise and Worship Songs” playlist with the newest Christian worship music!



Listening to the radio with your kids (or your friends) and missing that good ole classic country music? Listen to Spotify’s “Country Icon” playlist for the real country music!



Can’t make it to True40 and need a good workout playlist? We like Spotify’s “Workout” playlist!



Cooking dinner and wanting to dance around the kitchen? Turn on Spotify’s “Salsa Nation” playlist and you’ll soon be cooking a Mexican Fiesta for dinner!



Trying to tell your kids what “good music” was back in the good ole days? Spotify has decades playlists for all the decades you could need! But one of our favorites is the “All Out 70’s playlist.”



Need a little Jesus in your life? Listen to one of our instructors very own “Jesus” playlist.



Need some newer country, but don’t want the hip hop kind? Listen to Spotify’s “Chris Stapleton” playlist!



Trying to get some work done? Listen to any of Spotify’s “Coffeehouse Chill” playlists!


These are some of our favorite playlists to listen to when we’re working out, hanging with friends, or just cooking in the kitchen! We hope you listen to these and find some new music!