Discovering new ways to stay healthy at the beginning of the year is always fun, and now that Spring is quickly approaching (!!), it's time to revisit those New Year's resolutions. “Meal Prep” delivery services have been deemed a great way to keep healthy habits despite a busy schedule. Terra’s Kitchen, Home Chef, Blue Apron, HelloFresh and Plated are just a few example. These services seem to make life a little more efficient, and after hearing numerous clients talk about it, we thought we would investigate. 

An employee of ours, Anna Strawn, used Terra’s Kitchen as a college student. She found it so convenient that she no longer had to meal prep or go to the grocery store nearly as often, especially since she didn't have time to cook between classes and work. She was also cooking for one, which can get so difficult.

An added bonus of the meal prep services is that you won't waste ingredients that you don't use very often! These services send you the exact amount of ingredients for each meal, and Anna said that Terra’s Kitchen would have several of the ingredients already chopped. A few of the services offer dietary restrictions as an option when you are choosing the meal for the week. You can fill out filters for your meals, for example: Paleo, gluten free, vegetarian, vegan, low calorie, and more. Instead of meal planning for the week and then going to the grocery store for hours, you scroll through a list of foods and add them to your refrigerator at the click of a button!

 Things to look out for while deciding the best “meal prep” service for you:

1. Prices – Selecting a service that meets your budget.

2. Allergies? Dietary Restrictions? – Find the perfect meal prep for you to make sure that it can shape well to you and your needs

3. Does it provide the right services for you? Is it convenient and are you getting your money’s worth?

4. Look out for freshness of the food! Making sure that you are getting the best quality meat and vegetables!

5. Make sure the times the service delivers is convenient for you.

We're excited to hear what services you try! We're all for products that help us more easily lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle. 

This article was written by Anna Strawn, a freshman at Auburn studying Communications whose goal in life is to pursue a career in the mission field.