BALANCE 2017 Challenge!

It's a new year, and we are ready for a new challenge! Our theme for this challenge is II BALANCE II We want to focus on feeling balanced with our workouts {mind-body-spirit} as well as being mindful of what we eat and also what we put into our bodies. 

The Challenge is from January 11th, and continues on until February 14th. That's about 5 weeks to start building a more balanced and centered you! Your goal is to take 25 classes, eat healthy, and take time for yourself. We are teaming up with two of our members, Lauren Robinson and Chloe Covin, to bring you fresh pressed juices and healthy recipes. Sign up today in the studio and get ready to work towards a more balanced you!


Step One:

Sign your name to the Challenge Board in the studio.

Step Two: 

Make a goal to take 25 classes from January 11th - February 14th.

Step Three: 

Follow Enjoy with Leroy Blog for healthy recipes.

Look for #Livewelljuiceco in the studio to purchase fresh pressed juice!

Step Four: 

Join us in the studio throughout the Challenge for #livewelljuiceco and fresh pressed juices for sale. You can even bring your own mason jars to take juice home for later! Follow us on Instagram to know when she will be in the studio!

Step Five: Find a more balanced you { MIND - BODY - SPIRIT }