True40 August Member Spotlight

Congratulations to our August Member Spotlight, Candy Bell! Candy is originally from Enterprise, AL and moved to Auburn when her husband was accepted to pharmacy school. A job transfer kept them away for 5 years following graduation, but another transfer back to Auburn was a dream come true for them! Candy is a founding member of True40 and we could not be more lucky to have her as part of the fam. We are honored to spotlight you this month Candy!

- How do you wind down from a stressful day?

     A True40 class is the best after work stress buster.  A little retail therapy also works.

- What's your favorite part of your workout?

      The muscle shakes are my favorite part of a workout. They signal that my body is changing.

- What is the best health/fitness advice you’ve ever received?

       Choose a workout that will challenge you and change you so that you will be motivated to make it a habit.

- If you could go anywhere for a vacation, where would you go?

      I've always wanted to go on an African safari.

- What is your favorite holiday and where do you spend it?

        Christmas is my favorite holiday. It is usually the only time our sons are home at the same time.

- We are our biggest critics, so what is one thing you love about yourself?

       My ability to laugh at myself.

- Who is your biggest advocate?

        My husband. He always encourages me not to miss class no matter what else is going on.

- How do you stay true to you?

        By living a life that fits my values and goals


Thank you Candy for being a part of our studio. We look forward to seeing your smiling face each week and your contagious laugh! Continue to stay true to you. We love having you as part of the True40 Family!