True40 June Member of the Month!

Congrats to our True40 June member of the month, Katie Campbell! She is from the heart of Auburn and she is proud of it. After graduating from Auburn University, she was lucky enough to find a job here that allowed her to build and grow within her profession. She has been with us since the beginning and we love seeing her smiling face in the 5:15 am classes.


  • What's a New Year's resolution you have always wanted to accomplish?

    As cliché as it is, getting in shape. Thanks to True40, I look at New Year's resolutions in a completely different way. True40 has taught me to embrace my strengths and my weaknesses and I finally feel comfortable in my body. Getting in shape isn’t about achieving THE perfect body anymore, but more about achieving MY perfect body!

  • How do you wind down from a stressful day?

    Wine, and if there is no wine, macaroni and cheese will do. Although lately, I have been able to make a few afternoon True40 classes, and that usually does the trick, along with the wine!

  • What's your favorite part of your workout?

    Anything with the TRX straps. Something about them makes me feel strong, and that feeling is like no other. I also love the music. It isn’t your typical workout remixes, but it's stuff I genuinely enjoy listening to.

  • What is the best health/fitness advice you’ve ever received?

    Find your “thing” and stick to it. I think I have struggled with this for a while, and once I tried True40, I was hooked and knew it was my thing. Enjoying your workout and not dreading it is key. It makes waking up at 5 a.m. for a workout much easier!

  • Who is your biggest advocate?

I have two. My fiancé is a huge one. He is always pushing me to achieve my goals, and once those are achieved, find new ones. The second would have to be my best friend, Kayla. She may live 2 hours away from me, but she is always there when I need encouragement and support. I am beyond thankful for these two.

  • What does community mean to you?

    Community is just another word for home to me. No matter what community you belong to, whether it be a fitness community, a work community, or the community you live in, it should always feel like home. Inviting, welcoming, and someone always there to lend a helping hand or provide encouragement. The True40 family has all of those qualities and more!

  • How do you stay true to you?

    I always make sure that amongst the crazy ride that is life, I always make time for myself. I think it is so important to check in with yourself and give yourself time to enjoy the things that make you smile. Whether it is a True40 class, a good glass of wine and movie on my couch, or treating myself to a pedicure, I try to make time for that at least once or twice a week. It helps to puts me back in touch with myself and my needs.

Congratulations to Katie for being the June Member of the Month! We are so thankful to have her in the True40 family.