True40 December Spotlight

Anna Pate is a loving wife, the mother of 3 beautiful girls, an entrepreneur boss lady, a creative spirit, basically a contractor (as she is the DIY queen while building their new home) and also a founding member at True40. Yes, she does it all! Anna exercises to show her girls that making healthy choices is a lifestyle and strives to teach them that by honoring your body you are honoring the Lord. 

  • Where are you from and what brought you to Auburn?  

I spent most to my childhood in Christiansburg, Virginia but moved to Montgomery in junior high. I came to Auburn to study Graphic Design in 2001 and have never left.  

  • How do you wind down from a stressful day?

Stress….who has stress in their life? HA. Time in the Word is really the only way I can find myself thankful for a stressful day. Remembering, that through Jesus all things are held together and that His promises are always true reminds seems to shift my perspective and keep me plugging along. Also, True40 really is a fantastic way to have 1 hour of uninterrupted time to focus on fitness and take your mind off whatever might be going on during your day. 

  • Name three things you always have in your purse.

On the days that I actually carry a purse it has chapstick, sharpie pen(s) and some sort of toy someone snuck in at some point that I forgot to take out. 

  • What is the best health/fitness advice you've ever received? 

 I read a fantastic article that was focused on modeling a healthy lifestyle as a mother to girls. It highlighted that girls should see us make choices for our body that honor the Lord (1 Cor. 6:20). This made a HUGE impact on me to make sure that my children know that being a mom isn’t about being worn out from a never ending list of to do's, but that it’s blessing and a joy to parent them! I want them to see that it is good to take time to focus on fitness and that I too deserve time for myself. 

  • How do you spend your Saturday mornings?

 My favorite way to spend Saturday is to sleep past 6:40 and make it to one of the True40 workouts. 

  • Who is your biggest advocate?

My sidekick Ann Elton is always cheering me on! At this stage I get to spend more time with her than anyone else in my family and I sure will be sad when she heads off to kindergarten next year. 

  • What does community mean to you? 

Community is essential to life! It's so important to have a solid group of like minded friends to encourage you and to be transparent with.  

  • We are our biggest critics, so what is one thing you love about yourself?

I love that I can’t make a simple choice because in the end it usually results in a good, not rushed choice. 

  • What is your favorite Holiday and where do you like to spend it?

My most favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. We spend it at Lake Martin with 30+ members of our family and it is relaxing, restful and always encouraging to hear what’s new in the life of relatives that I don’t get to see on a regular basis. 

  • How do you stay true to you? 

    Staying true to me is hard with so many things pulling me so many directions but at the end of the day remembering that I am accountable for what I have invested my time in makes coming to True40 an easy choice!

Anna, we are so blessed to know you. Thank you for being part of our True40 Family!