Books Made For Fall


There’s something about Fall that makes people want to embrace the Fall season as much as possible. The air is just fresher, the breeze an old friend and the colors are explosive. I could go on.

There are some books that are perfect for this particular season. One is a timeless book full of magic and romance — a romance between characters, yes, but also a romance with Fall itself. The second recommendation is one to go ahead and read before a HBO premieres a mini-series based on it, and the third, well, it's pure magic. Literally. The third suggestion has literal magic beings in it...who I hope you will grow to love.

I invite you to read through the suggestions below, pick one (or two, or three!) and fall (pun intended) into its pages like a child into a bed of leaves. I promise it will be just as fulfilling, but far less itchy!


1.     The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. I first discovered this book through a friend (and fellow True40 founding member!). She told me she reads it every fall, just as the mornings get crisp and the leaves begin to turn. Her home in this season is inside the night circus.

This book will have you snared from the first sentence. The circus itself is any fall-lovers dream. It’s a circus for adults — not your typical strongman, lion roaring, ring-leading kerfuffle — and there are mysteries to be solved here. That’s really all I’m going to say, because for this one, you need to discover the story yourself.



2.     Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty. This book makes the list of “timely” fall books, because HBO is about to air a mini-series based off the book (with an all-star cast of Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman and Shailene Woodley, btw!). I actually just read this one, and was completely swept away into the world of Pirriwee Beach.

The story follows three mothers, all who have kindergarten-aged kids in the same class. One is breathtakingly beautiful but seems to always be in another world; one is hilarious, unforgiving and biting; the last is a single mother, new to town and seemingly running away from her past. Their stories weave together and reveal the often-relatable story of three mothers just trying to get by and keep up appearances until the worst happens and everyone is forced to confront their truths.


3.     The Golem and the Jinni by Helene Wrecker. I put this on the list of fall books, because everyone likes a little magic around Halloween. Yes, Halloween has come and gone, but fantasy can easily be visited with the turn of a page!

This book follows two unlikely friends — one is made of clay and brought to life by dark magic and the other is a jinni (or genie, if you are like me and saw “jinnie” and thought, huh?). The two are brought to New York in the 1900s and make lives for themselves as they form an unforgettable companionship. Then, a threat challenges their existence and forces them to make a fateful choice.

The chemistry between the two characters and the all-around magic of the story make this book a beautiful read and remind us to hold those we love close, especially when they are different.


Allison is a local journalist who lives in Opelika, works in Auburn and who is ecstatic it's finally basketball season. Go Tigers!! She is a founding member of True40.