True40 November Spotlight

We are so excited to celebrate Molly Porter this month! Originally from Birmingham, Molly is an Auburn Student majoring in Communication. Molly has completed over 100 classes and is on her way to 250 classes! We love you Molly and are so thankful to have you apart of the True40 Family!

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  • Where are you from and what brought you to Auburn?

I am from Birmingham and I came to Auburn to study Communication.


  • What's your favorite part of your workout?

My favorite and least favorite parts of my workout are one in the same. There comes a

point when my muscles are extremely fatigued, shaking like crazy, screaming at me to

stop. In that moment, I find strength! The feeling of strength and accomplishment is



  • Name 3 things you always have in your purse?

Band aids, Cash and a snack!


  • What is the best health/fitness advice you’ve ever received?

The best health or fitness advice I’ve ever received would have to be if you don’t use it,

you lose it. That goes for everything! If you don’t use your cognitive thinking skills, you’ll

lose them. If you don’t use your muscles and activate them, you’ll lose them.


  • Who is your biggest advocate?

My biggest advocates are my parents. They have always been in my corner fighting for

me. My mom and dad never missed a volleyball game, dance recital, choir concert, or

swim meet. My mom has always been my cheerleader and my dad has been my coach

through everything.



  • What does community mean to you?  

To me, a community is a group of people that walk through life together, celebrating the peaks and being there for each other during the valleys. 


  • We are our biggest critics, so what is one thing you love about yourself?

I love how I am able to laugh at myself, about everything! If you were to ask my friends,

they would assure you that I laugh at myself often. Everyone should try it!


  • What is your favorite holiday and where do you spend it?

Easiest question! My favorite holiday is CHRISTMAS!! I love everything Christmas.

Christmas music, Christmas lights, Christmas cookies, Christmas services, Christmas

mugs, and everything else. My favorite way to spend Christmas is at my house with all of

my family, piled in the living room.


  • How do you stay true to you?

My morals, goals, and most importantly my faith give me strength to stand unwaveringly and stay true to myself.


Molly, you truly are a joy to be around and we are so blessed to have you as part of the True40 family. Thank you for being with since the beginning, always bringing friends to class and always encouraging us to be better!