Allie Weingarten

The owner and creator of True40.

Where are you from and how did you get to Auburn?
I am from McDonough, Georgia and I came to Auburn University for college.

How did you get into fitness?
I received my Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science at Auburn and am a Certified Personal Trainer and Health Fitness Specialist. We moved to New Orleans a couple years after graduation. There, I worked in corporate wellness where I created and implemented health and wellness incentive programs, created tailored exercise programs, performed health screenings and fitness assessments. I also taught several classes including Barre, mat Pilates, TRX, PiYo, and many more.

What inspired you to create your own boutique fitness studio? And what do you hope for True40 in the future?
After teaching several different types of classes, I realized I wanted to create a program that had a little bit of everything. I wanted to focus on listening to and being correct on the body (rehabilitative moves) while incorporating high energy and intensity exercises, but still low impact. My overall goal was to make people feel comfortable in their own being. I have seen clients who at first thought they couldn’t possibly partake in exercises and certain classes, grow to love and excel in fitness.
Life is chaotic and we never know what’s in our tomorrows. I wanted to offer a place to encourage clients in the now and being excited about who they are and, looking into the tomorrows, for them to be excited about what is ahead.
I hope the atmosphere at True40 Studio is one that is encouraging. A community. Where you can sweat, laugh, shake, learn, breathe deeply and grow.  

Tell us about your family.
My husband Grant is in school at The Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine at Auburn. It’s actually what brought us both back to the hometown of our alma mater. And we have two incredibly cute and lazy dogs, Riley and Dobby.  

What’s some good advice that you have always tried to heed?
Dream big and take chances. You’ll always wonder “what if” unless you try.

Your company’s mantra is all around “staying true to you.” How do you follow that mantra and stay true to Allie?
I try to find a balance between all aspects of life. Not just fitness and nutrition. It’s important to maintain that physical, mental and emotional balance. You’ll notice that these are all elements we like you to concentrate on in class. We hope to provide a safe haven of sorts, where you can leave what’s bothering you at the door and have 60 minutes of focusing on you. I also try to carve out time to play with my pups, relax with my husband, and enjoy a glass of wine with my friends.  

Besides all the things previously mentioned, what’s another thing you love?

Where are we most likely to find you at 7 a.m.?
Most likely venturing out for a cup of coffee, playing with my pups, or teaching class at the studio. Come check it out!